Michelin’s VOCs Treatment Project Executed by Lanbao


1. Project description

 Shanghai Lanbao Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise specialized in industrial waste gas treatment, an indispensable player in the field of industrial waste gas purification. Relying on years of experience in waste gas treatment, we have developed our own unique technological advantages to help Michelin, the leader in tire industry solve the waste gas emission problem.

Michelin develops high quality tires for passenger cars, light trucks, vans, engineering machinery, aircraft and agricultural machinery. During the tire production process, the dust, sulfide, benzene and non-methane total hydrocarbons (NMHC) are generated and accompanied by irritating odor. Before treatment, the concentration of non-methane total hydrocarbon generated by the mixing line is 304 mg [C]/m3, and the maximum concentration of odor is 7400 dimensionless unit, and the waste gas emission concentration exceeds the limit specified in the national standards GB27632-2011 and GBT14554-1993.


2. Treatment process

Lanbao tested the non-methane total hydrocarbon generated by the mixing line in the tire industry, and found that most of its components are C2-C8 molecules. According to the principle and practical application of photochemical decomposition, the photochemical treatment can decompose C2 - C8 molecules properly. Therefore, the photochemical treatment and low temperature plasma technology are adopted to deal with waste gas.

As a leading and first-class professional VOCs treatment and monitoring solutions provider in China and around the world, Shanghai Lanbao Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. boasts advanced technologies and rich experience in waste gas treatment. After treatment, the odor in Michelin tire factory can meet the requirements of GB14554-93 Emission standards for odor pollutants, and the non-methane total hydrocarbons is less than the target value 10mg/m3 specified in GB27632-2011 Emission standard of pollutants for rubber products industry.



二、3. Advantages of Lanbao

This process is applicable to routine operation, which can deodorize waste gases with low power consumption, no additives, low operating costs and high processing speed and efficiency.

(1) PLC is equipped in its electronic control system, which can achieve the optimal system control. The monitoring computer is furnished to monitor and control the operation of the system, as well as the running status of each part in real time. Moreover, the system running status can be manually adjusted by the terminals in the electric control cabinet or controlled and interlocked remotely through the computer connected (The system can automatically start and stop in response to the operating conditions of the production line, minimizing human intervention), which is easy to operate. 

(2) Two sets of flue gas treatment equipment are equipped with on-line monitoring system for data acquisition, including the non-methane total hydrocarbon treatment efficiency, electricity consumption, water consumption, humidity, temperature, concentration and flow rate.


The core processes developed independently by Shanghai Lanbao Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. are perfectly applicable to various industries. We guarantee our customers the best cost-effective investment by offering the efficient and versatile purification technology, high-quality and durable processing equipment, flexible and professional configuration, quick and thoughtful technical services. Up to now, Lanbao has provided services to many Chinese and overseas customers, including more than 20 Fortune 500 companies, covering tobacco, tires, rubber, pharmaceutics and chemical, petrochemical, fiber, municipal wastewater, printing and dyeing, paper and leather making, feed processing, food processing, painting and coating and other industries. Depending on the working conditions, we choose different technologies. With reference to different flow rates, concentrations and composition of various types of industrial waste gases and odorous gases, we provide professional and customized, energy saving and stable monitoring system to achieve dynamic monitoring throughout the whole process. Lanbao is committed to meeting customer’s needs and optimizing the quality of human life.

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