Veolia’s VOCs Treatment Project Provided by Lanbao

Veolia’s VOCs Treatment Project Provided by Lanbao

Smart and environment-friendly, customized with Lanbao

Shanghai Lanbao Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-end supplier with international vision and well-known professional solution provider in industrial waste gas (VOCs) treatment and monitoring. Adhering to the brand strategy of Smart and environment-friendly, customized with Lanbao, guided by industry 4.0 concept, and integrating intelligent technology, mobile platform, big data analysis and cloud computing, we create an intelligent environmental protection equipment 2.0, and provide thorough solutions for customers to solve the problem of waste gas.



1.Customer introduction

Veolia is a global professional provider of resource optimization management, with six R&D centers worldwide and more than 174,000 employees on five continents. In 2015, the group's turnover reached 25 billion Euros. Since the 1990s, Veolia has launched more than 60 projects in the mainland and Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan, employing more than 14,200 employees in the fields of water management, waste management and energy management.



2.Background of Project

This project is intended for waste gas treatment in Nanjing Veolia Hazardous Waste Treatment and Disposal Center.

The waste gases there mainly come from the temporary organic waste storage, temporary solid waste storage and the pretreatment workshop, acid and alkaline waste gases in pretreatment section in waste water treatment workshop, and the organic waste gas and the acid and alkali waste gases in the incineration plant.

In order to minimize the environmental pollution, and meet the environmental protection requirements, Veolia Group eventually selected the waste gas emission solution tailored by Lanbao through vast pre-market research and program evaluation.





3.Treatment process

Before the development of the solution, Lanbao has conducted systematic analysis on the site. Based on the requirements of removal rate, energy efficiency and resultant gas parameters, we helped the owner choose the best solution.

For the organic waste gases in the temporary organic waste storage, temporary solid waste storage, pretreatment workshop, and the incineration plant, Lanbao proposed the activated carbon fiber adsorption process.

For the acid and alkali waste gases in pretreatment section of wastewater treatment workshop and incineration plant, Lanbao adopted the alkali spraying absorption process.


4.Advantages of Lanbao

Shanghai Lanbao Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is ranked in national intelligent manufacturing project, owning the national key environmental protection technology demonstration project certification, Class A design qualification of pollution control engineering, Class A general contracting qualification of environmental pollution control project, environmental protection products production and operation license and many other qualifications. 

All the way up, Lanbao has been uphold the Technological innovation concept, making fruitful achievements in independent research and development. A number of research achievements have filled the gaps in VOCs treatment in China. Up to now, we have obtained 69 national invention patents and 37 software copyrights.

Attaching great importance to social responsibilities and high quality, Lanbao has been highly recognized by the government and the community, serving many Chinese and foreign business customers from tobacco, tires, rubber, pharmaceutical chemicals, petrochemical, chemical fiber, municipal wastewater treatment, printing and dyeing, paper making, leather making, feed processing, food processing, coating and other industries. And we have designed and tailored intelligent environmental waste gas treatment projects for the well-known enterprises in China and abroad, such as PetroChina, China Tobacco, China Chemical, AVIC, Michelin, Bridgestone, and Veolia, which are ranked among the national demonstration projects.

Shanghai Lanbao Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. takes integrity, efficiency, and win-win cooperation as the foundation of enterprise development, adhering to the people-oriented strategy and continuing to create values for our customers and the community.

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