Huaguang Packaging Rotor Adsoption Concentrator + Catalytic Oxidation Treatment Project Implemented by Lanbao

Huaguang Packaging Rotor Adsoption Concentrator + Catalytic Oxidation Treatment Project Implemented by Lanbao



Background of Project


The latest revision of Air Pollution Prevention Act, known as the most stringent of its kind, was enforced on January 1, 2016. The industries involving VOCs discharge, the packaging and printing industry is the severely affected, of which the VOCs treatment is imperative. For those who fail to comply with the emission standards, a daily punishment is specified in the newly revised Air Pollution Prevention Act; the VOCs emission charge will also be collected, which may be significantly increased in the future. If the enterprises are not determined to control their emissions, the cost of punishment will be much higher than the cost of treatment, so end-of-pipe treatment has become an important means of improving emissions in packaging and printing industry.

In response to the national environmental protection requirements, improve the air quality, protect the health of workers, Huahuang Packaging Co., Ltd. cooperated with Lanbao in their waste gas treatment after meticulous consideration and selection.





The waste gases in Huahuang Packaging workshops are mainly from the printing presses and film blowing machines, composed of isopropyl alcohol, ethanol, toluene and dimethylbenzene. According to the actual situation of this project, Lanbao mainly takes safety, efficiency and investment into consideration, comparing with many mainstream technologies. We finally designed the dry filter + rotor adsorption concentrator + catalytic oxidation technology as the core of the waste gas treatment process.



In this process, the rotor concentrator adsorbs and desorbs the waste gas of high flow and low concentration into the one of low flow and high concentration. On the one hand, the waste gas concentrated is ready for catalytic oxidation; on the other hand, the concentration of waste gas can reduce the construction costs and operating costs of the subsequent treatment equipment (catalytic oxidizer in this project). Through rigorous calculation, combining our experience in packaging and printing industry, we finally design the waste gas concentration rate to 20 times. The concentrated waste gas is subjected to catalytic oxidation in the oxidizer, where the purification rate is equal to or more than 95%, and the purification rate in zeolite rotor is equal to or more than 92%. The emission concentration after treatment is far lower than the requirements in DB31/872-2015 Emission Standard for Air Pollutant in Printing Industry (Local standard in Shanghai).



Technical Advantages of Lanbao Zeolite Rotor Concentrator + Catalytic Oxidation System


Making full use of elements available, we designed the customized dry filter + rotor adsorption and desorption concentrator + catalytic oxidation system for Huating Packaging. It is not only able to meet the requirements of standard emission, but also can save the land, material and energy. The main advantages of the system are as follows:

System equipped with redundant safety cut off mechanism, monitoring the safe operation of the system, and ensuring the reliable, safe and stable of the system to the maximum extent;

Designed with heat exchange recycling device, fully improving the heat recovery rate and reducing operating costs;

The core equipment zeolite rotor and catalyst are imported high quality products, enjoying long service life and realizing high treatment effect;

Highly adaptable to the large fluctuations in gas emission of printing industry, eliminating processing efficiency attenuation;

Short warm-up time (within 30min), starting and stopping operation at any time based on the actual production situation;

Low failure rate, easy maintenance, low operating costs, easy and flexible to operate;



Smart and environment-friendly, customized with Lanbao


Shanghai Lanbao Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. is a high-end supplier with international vision and well-known professional solution provider in industrial waste gas (VOCs) treatment and monitoring. Adhering to the brand strategy of Smart and environment-friendly, customized with Lanbao, guided by industry 4.0 concept, and integrating intelligent technology, mobile platform, big data analysis and cloud computing, we create an intelligent environmental protection equipment 2.0, and provide thorough solutions for customers to solve the problem of waste gas. We provide our customers with diversified treatment method, such as low temperature plasma technology, photochemical technology, Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer (RTO), Regenerative Catalytic Oxidizer (RCO), variable pressure and temperature recovery technology, on-line adsorption and desorption regeneration, biological treatment according to the work conditions.

Attaching great importance to social responsibilities and high quality, Lanbao has been highly recognized by the government and the community, serving many Chinese and foreign business customers from tobacco, tires, rubber, pharmaceutical chemicals, petrochemical, chemical fiber, municipal wastewater treatment, printing and dyeing, paper making, leather making, feed processing, food processing, coating and other industries. And we have designed and tailored intelligent environmental waste gas treatment projects for the Global 500 enterprises, which are ranked among the national demonstration projects. Shanghai Lanbao Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. takes integrity, efficiency, and win-win cooperation as the foundation of enterprise development, adhering to the people-oriented strategy and continuing to create values for our customers and the community.

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