Low temperature plasma photochemical equipment

Process flow chart:


Process description:

(1)The flue gas is collected in the pipeline, and pre-filtered by the filters in the pipeline before it is delivered to the flue gas treatment equipment so as to prevent the large particles in it from getting into and compromising the flue gas treatment equipment.


(2)The flue gas pre-filtered flows into the pretreatment module, where the coke tar and dust in the flue gas are removed by the oil and flue gas separation board. 


(3)After the coke tar removal in the pretreatment module, the flue gas flows into the core device of the flue gas treatment equipment, namely the plasma purifier, equipped with injection-type plasma generator. The fresh air is fed into the plasma generator to produce the low temperature plasma, which is conveyed into the plasma purifier where most of the flue gas molecules are bombarded by the plasma, oxidized into non-toxic, colorless and odorless gas.


(4)Mixed with some low-temperature plasma, the flue gas flows into the photochemical module, where in the high radiation field, the flue gas is decomposed and activated secondary oxidants are generated. Under the joint action of the oxidants and light, the flue gas is subjected to continuous oxidation and decomposition, of which the final products are carbon dioxide and water.


(5)The micro-purification module features the downflow circulation sprinkler system, cross-flow circulation sprinkler system, gravity settlement, collision dust removal, and flow distributor, which can remove the small dust and reach the emission standards.


(6)The entire flue gas treatment equipment is designed with automatic cleaning system, which can clean the system with circulating water automatically. The wastewater from the photochemical and micro-purification modules is filtered through the filtration system and then recycled.  


(7)Before being discharged, the flue gas treated flows through the mechanical demister, in which the mist in the gas condenses and drips down in the baffle plates.


(8)After demisting, the gas superior to the national emission standards is discharged into the atmosphere via the induced draft fan.

Technical features:

Specific processes and technologies are designed dependent on the characteristics of waste gases in different process stages, so the integrated process greatly improves the efficiency of waste gas treatment.


The essence of low-temperature plasma reaction is to bombard the pollutants molecules with high-energy electrons in the electromagnetic field so as to break their chemical bonds. The active particles generated can then form stable and harmless substances with other radical groups.


During the photochemical reaction, with the radiation of high-intensity light field, the pollutants experience energy level transition after absorbing photon’s energy, so that they are in the quite unstable excited state, and then react with the catalyzed active groups, producing harmless substances.


The photochemical energy can greatly promote the reactivity and reaction rate of low temperature plasma. Meanwhile, the active ions and free radicals in the electromagnetic field of low temperature plasma can boost the rapid and effective photochemical reaction, which are conducive and complementary to each other.


The interaction between two fields increases the efficiency of the reaction by 10 to 100 times, while significantly reducing the power consumption of the product.


The equipment in the treatment system has the following characteristics: high and stable processing efficiency; low initial investment, low operating costs, simple maintenance, operable process system, small footprint, and free of secondary pollution.


Tobacco industry, rubber industry, municipal sewage treatment industry, solid waste and garbage disposal, pharmaceutical industry, coating industry, surface coating, packaging and printing

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