Activated Carbon Adsorption Concentrator+ Condensation Recovery Equipment

Process flow chart:


Process description:

(1)Pretreatment stage

As the waste gas may contain hydrogen chloride, sulfuric acid mist and other acid gases or dust, in order to prevent serious corrosion in the subsequent equipment or blockage in the activated carbon, it is necessary to pretreat the waste gas. The pretreatment is realized with the packed scrubbing column, where the alkaline or acid waste gases are neutralized and pre-treated by the corresponding solutions sprayed, or pre-filtered by the dry filter to remove the dust.


(2)Activated carbon adsorption stage

After the pretreatment, the waste gas is fed into the subsequent activated carbon adsorption/desorption column, where the VOCs are adsorbed by the micro-pores on the surface of the activated carbon due to the adsorption force on the surface of the activated carbon (van der Waals force). In this way, the VOCs are removed, and the air is purified.


(3)Activated carbon desorption stage

To desorb the VOCs in the activated carbon, the activated carbon bed is directly heated so that the VOCs in the activated carbon evaporates. The steam mixture flows into the condenser, where it is cooled down by icy water and condensed into liquid. The liquid is discharged into the separation tank, where the waste water, non-condensable gas and organic solvent are separated. The wastewater flows into the wastewater station, and the organic solvent flows into the storage tank for subsequent recovery. The non-condensable gas flows into the adsorption tank via the adsorption manifold, where it is adsorbed.


(4)Activated carbon drying stage

As a portion of of the steam condensed left in the activated carbon bed during the desorption stage, so the activated carbon bed needs to be dried after desorption. The separate drying fans are equipped, with a high-efficiency filter installed at its inlet. The fresh air supplied is heated by the steam heater to about 60 ℃, and then purged into the activated carbon tank to dry the water in the activated carbon layer. The adsorption tank dried shall be filled with nitrogen immediately to protect the activated carbon until the next adsorption.

Technical features:

Automatically controlled with PLC and equipped with touch screen, it features outstanding human-machine interaction and energy saving;

With proven and reliable technology, the equipment runs stably;

Installed with the fire sprinkler system, in case of excessively high temperature in carbon layers, its sprinkles water to securely protect the equipment;

The activated carbon adsorption column is equipped with the explosion vent diaphragm, which is punctured when the internal pressure increases abnormally, so as to prevent major accidents due to excessive pressure in the adsorption column;

The system is fail-proof equipped with multiple safety protection systems, such as non-steady state control, high temperature alarm, shutdown alarm and emergency response measures.

Equipment features:

  1 Small quantity of activated carbon fiber (particles) required, greatly reducing the cost of waste gas purification and recovery device

  2 Recovery of organic matters in the waste gas at high recovery rate and with high efficiency

  3 Wide range of application

  4 Compact and ingenious structure, small air resistance, small footprint and low operating power consumption

  5 Fully automatic operation, simple operation, easy maintenance and safe operation

  6 Significant environmental benefits and economic benefits, short investment recovery period


Organic chemicals, pharmaceutics, coating, surface coating, oil, packaging and printing, and other industries i

Category of VOCs recoverable:

VOCs with the boiling point within the range from 20° C to 200° C are recoverable, such as C6H6, C6H12, CH3COCH3, C3H6O, (CH3)2CHOH, CH3COOH, DMF, DMAC, gasoline (C2-C8), CS2 and CCl4, so it can bring about obvious environmental benefits, economic and social benefits.

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