Bio-treatment equipment

Process flow chart:

Process description:

The waste gas collected by the collection system flows through the packed layers and mass transfer layers, and come into full contact with the culture medium. Dwelling for sufficient time, the gas phase materials are adsorbed through the biofilm under the action of advection effect, diffusion effect and adsorption effect, dissolved on wet biofilm surface, where the pollutant components are captured and absorbed by the micro-organisms thereon, and eventually removed by the biological metabolism.

Technical features:

Low operating costs; clean treatment process; zero secondary pollution;

Mild operating conditions, ambient temperature and atmospheric pressure;

Automatically controlled with PLC and equipped with touch screen, it features outstanding human-machine interaction and energy saving;

Filter made of natural and polymer composite, resistant to aging and caking;

Porosity in packed layer greater than 80%, small unit pressure drop; optional low-power fan, minimizing energy consumption and noise;

Inoculation of special microbial agent, maximizing biomass in unit packing, boosting the processing load;

Holding time 10-30s;

Equipped with nutrient sprinkler system, controlling the nutrients and pH in the packed layers, timely removal of products.


Waste composting, landfilling, incineration, waste leachate regulating pool, garbage transfer station; sewage pumping station, water screen, aeration and settlement tank, primary settling tank, sludge dewatering workshop in sewage treatment plant 

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