On-line Monitoring System

Process flow chart:

System introduction

The on-line VOCs monitoring system adopts the internationally recognized GC analysis method, combined with the whole high-temperature sampling heat tracing + hydrogen flame ion detection and analysis technology, which can achieve real-time online monitoring of the volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The parameters including the VOCs, total hydrocarbons (THC), non-methane total hydrocarbons (NMHC) and benzene can be measured. The VOCs concentration and emission rate, flue gas parameters are continuously measured and tracked in real time, and all Of the monitored parameters are transmitted to the DCS system and related environmental protection platform.


(1) Sampling unit: It is mainly composed of sampling probe and high temperature trace heating line. The sampling probe is installed with a filter module to pre-filter the dust in the flue gas in advance. The sampling probe and sampling pipelines are capable of high temperature heating, which can effectively prevents the condensation of gas and liquid of high boiling point in the flue gas, loss of components and pipeline blockage.


(2) Pretreatment unit: It mainly consists of multi-level precision filter module and flow calibration module, which can further remove the dust particles in the waste gas, while regulating and control the gas flow and stability, to ensure the accuracy of the analysis in the follow-up detection unit.


(3) VOCs detection and analysis unit: The analyzer works with the international advanced GC + FID analysis method, which executes the qualitative and quantitative analysis of VOCs. Such method is stable, safe and reliable, and acquires accurate and reliable data.


(4) Data acquisition, processing and transmission unit: It is designed with data acquisition, processing, storage, forms and graphic display, fault alarm, security management and printing, which can collect all the parameters and transmit them to customer’s DCS and related environmental protection platform. The system is compatible with modbus, RS485/232, 4-20mA and other transmission protocols.

System features:

(1) Using the whole-process high-temperature trace heating technology, it can avoid condensation of gas and liquid of high boiling point and component loss, greatly improving the accuracy of the test data.

(2) The system is highly automatic, and easy to operate. All operations can be completed on the touch screen.

(3) Equipped with the imported high-quality FID detector, it is capable of automatic ignition and over-temperature protection, which is safe and reliable.

(4) The equipment has a high sensitivity, wide detection range, fast response time, with a single detection cycle less than 90 seconds. Its effective data collection rate is more than 95%, realizing reliable online monitoring.

Scope of application

It can be used in a wide range of applications, such as petroleum, chemical, plastics, rubber, pharmaceutics, printing, pesticides, footwear and power cable production.

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