High-efficiency scrubber

Process flow chart:

Process description:

(1)The odorous gas first flows into the stage 1 scrubbing section of the high-efficiency scrubber, where most of the dust and coarse particles are removed. Moreover, the automatic backwashing filter equipped in the stage 1 scrubbing section can filter and recycle the water in the water tank for circulation. The pH value of water in the water tank is monitored by the on-line pH detection instrument, so the water quality therein is automatically maintained with water supply and drainage based on the pH value, thus the equipment can realize the optimal scrubbing results and saves water.


(2)Subjected to the stage 1 scrubbing, the waste gas flows into the stage 2 scrubbing section, where the special packing is provided. When the waste gas passes through the packing, some of the odor molecules are adsorbed by the mass transfer layers in the packed layer, and released into the separate water tank in the stage 2 scrubbing section. In this way, the odor and dust are further removed. Likewise, the on-line pH detection instrument is also installed in the stage 2 scrubbing section, so the water quality therein is automatically maintained with water supply and drainage based on the pH value.


(3)The waste gas scrubbed in the stage 2 scrubbing section flows through the demisting layer, where the gas and liquid therein are separated. It then goes into the stage 3 scrubbing section, where the special packing is filled. In the same way, some of the odor molecules are dissolved into the water, so that the waste gas is purified for three times. The water tank in the stage 3 scrubbing section is equipped with ORP on-line detection instrument to ensure the water quality.


(4)The gas after three-stage scrubbing flows into the demisting section, where the droplets in the gas are separated into the water tank, and the dry and clean gas up to the national emission standards is discharged into the atmosphere via fans. (5) The high-efficiency three-stage scrubber is equipped with fully automated water tank cleaning system, of which the 360° rotating nozzle is installed on the cleaning pipe. The water tank cleaning system can automatically check and clean the tank regularly without attention of operators.

Technical features:

Corrosion resistance, high strength and tightly sealing: The structure of sprinklers is designed in the light of the actual processing capacity, and made of stainless steel resistant to acid, alkali and corrosion to prevent corrosion due to prolonged exposure to corrosive liquids and ensure the service life of the equipment; the system runs at negative pressure to keep the waste gas from escaping and ensure the air-tightness of the equipment.

Gas-liquid separation device: equipment designed to install a highly efficient gas-liquid separation device, the use of acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance of stainless steel production, so that the waste gas gas-liquid separation, separation of liquid back to the equipment to continue to use, to avoid water waste.

Efficient sprinkling system: The nozzles of sprinkling system are spiral solid clog-proof nozzles made of high-quality stainless steel imported, which are impossible to be blocked by foreign matters or impurities, so the efficiency of the washing system will not be affected.

Automatic water supply and drainage control: As an advanced automated process, the tank washing equipment is furnished with the level gauge and detection components, so that the water supply and drainage of odor treatment control system can be controlled automatically.

Automatic water quality monitoring system: The equipment is designed with fully automatic water quality monitoring system, which can automatically detect and monitor the water quality with the online pH detector/ORP value detector in real time. Thus, the water quality is controlled within the normal operating range. The normal operation and processing efficiency of the system are guaranteed.

Corrosion-resistant accessories: As a kind of outdoor washing equipment, rust and corrosion resistance is essential, the pipelines and valves supplied by Lanbao are made of high-quality stainless steel.

High degree of automation: The equipment control system supplied by Lanbao company is simple, capable of manual mode, automatic mode and disabling mode. The efficient washing equipment maintenance is easy and convenient to maintain; with the built-in automatic cleaning system, the workload of maintenance personnel is reduced.


Tobacco industry, rubber industry, spraying industry, chemical industry, municipal sewage, solid waste, waste disposal.

Our company has design and installation experience in odor treatment project in tobacco plants. Our technology is proven and stable. We take the leading position in high-efficiency scrubber or sprinkling design in China, which is applicable to odor treatment in various industries.

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