Lanbao intelligent environmental protection system integrates the environmental technology and Internet of things to create a effective remote monitoring system, which plays the role of the enterprise’s manager. Its intelligent hardware facilitates the interaction between human beings and things, as well as between things and things.

The equipment is connected to the cloud server with the WisBox product on the equipment side through GPRS communication, reserving the data interfaces to the PC client and the mobile client for direct access.
The equipment is connected to the cloud server, with the data interfaces provided to connect with the equipment cloud management platform, which can be deployed with the intelligent power distribution management platform on the same server.


  • ①Real-time monitoring

    The monitoring center acquires data from each controller, collects the various parameters of the equipment operation and status of electromechanical equipment, and realizes the graphical monitoring of the equipment in real time;

  • ②Platform overview

    A comprehensive overview of the system information can be achieved on the entire platform, including information resource occupancy, customers of real-time access and status of all dust removal equipment;

  • ③Alarm management

    The operation status of the equipment is monitored, so that the fault can be timely detected and the real-time alarm can be triggered. All the historical alarm information can be viewed to take timely actions and reduce the loss caused by equipment fault;

  • ④Multi-project management

    Superior over the traditional configuration software, only one system platform is necessary to support multiple project development and management, which is flexible and can meet the growing needs of manufacturers, greatly improving the company's information management and service levels..

  • ⑤Graphical trend display

    It is capable of real-time display of data trends from on-site equipment in graphics, and generate the trend chart with the trend signal intensively collected on site based on the time stamp, helping users to intuitively grasp the key data of equipment status;

  • ⑥User Management

    All the user information can be edited on this platform, where different operation permissions are assigned to different users, and user operation is recorded and traced.

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